Our story


We live in an age where transparency is key to sustainability. With today’s unlimited access to information, anyone can find out the cost of manufacturing in a matter of minutes. We are constantly being notified by society on how to make smarter and better decisions for the environment and ourselves.

 The retail price of traditional premium eyewear starts at about €150 and goes up to €400. A lot of this cost is due to intermediaries such as, wholesalers, distributors and sales agents. Combined with the expensive advertising campaigns and major sponsorships which a lot of these brands engage in, it often makes for a product at a price that is not true to it’s value.

 Brigadi Eyewear is different. We believe in making premium eyewear available to everyone at fair prices. All of our eyewear is handmade in Europe, not just to ensure the excellent quality, but also to reduce our own negative impact on the environment. With the consumer, environment and sustainability in mind we decided to use Italian eco-friendly materials for all of our frames. All of our sunglasses also comes bundled up in FSC-certified climate smart packaging.